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The Westside Church Family

How did Westside Ministries come about?

    In 1996 God, in His mercy and providence, called Pastor Alexander Seawood and Muriel Hayes to raise up a new body of Seventh-Day Adventist believers in the South side of Indianapolis. They went knocking on doors inviting men, women, boys and girls to become a part of the end time movement foretold in Revelation 12:17. As the Lord opened the way they moved forward by conducting a six-week Evangelistic series under a tent at the corner of Raymond and Sherman. Seven precious souls were baptized into Christ, thus beginning the Berean Company Church.
    Pastor Seawood eventually moved on to another part of the mission field and the mantle of leadership fell on Elders John Barnette, J.R. Ryder and Ray Smith who renamed the group: Remnant Church of SDA Believers. Over the years Remnant Church grew and moved to various locations within Indianapolis. In 2010 Elder Gerald Coleman and his family left Capitol City SDA church to join our small company. It was this year that it was decided to change the name from Remnant to Westside Ministries – a company under Lake Region Conference. 

What does Westside Ministries Believe?

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