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Latest Sermons Preached at Westside Ministries:


"The Soul's Need"

By Gerald Coleman


"Witnessing & the Garden"

By Tate Kimura


"Where Art Thou?"

By Brandon Sharp

The MOST IMPORTANT teaching in the Bible is the teaching of Righteousness by Faith.  This is why we put together a very informative video on this topic that you might understand this Truth and be ready for heaven!


All throughout the ages of history, God has always had a Present Truth Message for the time.  Did you know that God has a Present Truth Message for this specific time?  This very powerful and eye opening video will tell you all about it!  I hope you watch and share it to others!


Most people in the world agree that there was and intelligent Creator that made the world and all living creatures, but there are thousands of religions that a different idea about God.  How can you find the true faith in a world where there is so much religious confusion?  Hopefully, this video can help guide you in your search for the true church!


Free Bible Study Lessons

Westside Ministries will send you FREE Bible Lessons that will help you to have a more in depth knowledge of the Bible so that you will be able to discern between Truth and error in a world filled with religious confusion.


Westside Medical Missionary Training

Are you interested in learning how you can utilize common illnesses to introduce people to Jesus? Come attend a 30 hour seminar that will stimulate your own character growth. Some of the subjects to be studied from the Bible and science are:
Christ’s Method of Working, The Natural Approach to Health And Disease, Medicinal plants, Simple Natural Remedies, and Hydrotherapy. 

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